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Computerized check up

Computerized machines are used to locate and diagnosis the problem in seconds.   Thus we are getting a solution faster and can close the job more efficiently..


Strictly Original Parts

No compromise on Customer Safety and Service quality.   The results are apparent from the feedback of our customers; their maintenance expense reduced drastically.


All Services under one roof

Engine work, Electrical, A/C, Lubricants, Denting & Painting, Tyre balancing, fitting & computerized wheel alignment , Water and steam wash etc. are under one roof.



Vehicle maintenance, Exclusive painting, Tire fitting, Body repair works, Chassis repair, Brake system repair, Cooling system repair, Auto electrical repairs, Wheels alignment, Car parts renovation, Sales and installation of additional equipment,  Repair electrical and electronic items, Gearbox repairs, Radiator repairs and cooling system, Replacement and repair any car parts, Car painting services, Motor / Engine repairing, Repair of generators, starters, Repair automotive air conditioning compressors, Headlight adjustment, Auto tuning, Automotive scratch removal / polish, Preparation for sale, Check before buying etc


The source of supply is the battery and alternator. Electricity is used to start engine by ignition, light, cooling, heating, engine control, protection and monitoring the security and system alarms. Electric system should be error-free and continuous to keep the system working and to protect from any malfunctioning. The battery should be clean, dry, fully charged and effectively fastened in the right place. The important thing to be taken care is the battery should carry the specifications required by the car manufacturer.


Reliability and durability of the vehicle lies on the health of the engine. That is the reason we highly recommend regular engine diagnostics. Moreover it will increase the fuel efficiency and extend the life of your car.    After the diagnosis, our engineers will recommend a minor repair for your car which will prevent a major work by replacing the lost / damaged part at the right place at the right time.   Computer diagnostics can have a quick and efficient testing of the control systems, identifying faults at an early stage.


Air Conditioner consists of a condenser, compressor, fan, evaporator and other components. Climate installation diagnostics is recommended to do not less than twice a year.  According to the UAE climate, it is most important to maintain the system efficient around the year. Most often the climate system gets damaged.  Another common problem is the refusal of the needle valve because of accumulated dust particles. It is necessary to clean them periodically.


Car heating system is very important and the more important is keeping the heating system always effective. Often the car heater system ceases to work due to breakdown of radiator and thermostat. It can also be due to the lack of cleanliness of the cabin filter.


From a scratch to the complex body work.   Elimination of distortions of body parts, replacement of front and rear panels, spars, front and rear doors, roof, trunk bottom, polishing of car body, assembly - disassembly, replacement of body elements, repair of plastic parts, computer selection of colors, removing scratches, local body repair, welding work, anti-corrosion treatment, collision protection, vibration and noise isolation.  At fineway garage, you are assured the high quality professional body repair at a reasonable rate.


Engine is the most important part of any car.   Engine care includes computer diagnostics, definition of failure and worn parts, dismantling of the engine, replacement of assemblies and components, adjustment &  installation, repair of fuel system, unit head, rolls grinding, repair assemblies, cylinders bore and welding works.   The full repair of the engine includes its disassembly, cleaning with special cleaning agents, assessment of the degree of wear. Worn parts are replaced and restored.  The work is conducted with the replacement of the entire piston, performed at the same boring cylinders, giving them a proper cylindrical shape.  After assembly, the engine is tested on a special stand, which allows to identify whether all problems have been solved during repair.   Total engine repair is made in the case when the power and compression significantly decrease, which resulted in high mileage of the car.


Brake system is the most sophisticated system of the car in terms of safety. Careful and responsible treatment of assemblies and units of brake system will secure quiet and confident use of your car during long time. The important things to note: Crunch, knock, brake pulse, falling or too free brake pedal stroke,  swaying the car to one side during braking, uneven wear of brake blocks; rush to fineway garage and get a complete checkup. Always remember the quote: "There is no second chance to correct the brake".


According to Fineway, painting is an awesome art. The restoration of default colors including layers of bases, fillers, paint and varnish. Any complex color mixing, elimination of rust, preparation of detailed surface painting,  paint application, drying, varnish application, again drying and finally polishing. Professional preparation of the cabin and car elements with use of really high quality materials, Preparation of paints for 8-stage painting.



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