About Our Group

Established in 1983 with a single outlet in Dubai by our founders, Talal Group has shown a progressive growth rate till now, which was achieved with the God's grace, through the hardwork and commitment for the excellence by the management and staff. With a strength of more than 126 outlets and more than 2000 employees, Talal Group is now one of the leading chain of companies in the retail and trading sector with high reputation in market.


Talal Group is an inevitable supplier for foodstuff, fresh meat, frozen food, garments,  disposable items, household and crockeries, imported from various countries.  Talal Group is also recognized in Restaurants & Catering fields and in Mobile Phones, Computers,  Accessories and IT related services.


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Our Management Office

Distributor of various merchandise from around the globe including Foodstuff, Household and Garments etc..

“Our customer's satisfaction and happiness is our energy and we value your comments and suggestions to improve the quality of our services in as many ways as we can..”



Most of the accidents are due to careless car maintenance

Fineway Garage was established to maintain the 300+ vehicles owned by TALAL Group, and later extended service to those who need a reliable garage to maintain their vehicles without compromising the quality by using genuine spare parts and lubricants.